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Statutes of   NGO MOVITA
( from latin Mozaika Vita, which means mosaic of life )

Paragraph 1


1. NGO Movita (further as association)  is the association of the citiziens who are living within the area of Slovakia. The association is non-political and  voluntary.


2. Location of the association is Pezinok city Záhradna 7, 902 01


3. The name of the association is MOVITA


4. The association is the independent legal person which is able to gain rights and obligations


5. Activities of associations:

a/ To create the conditions for keeping and development of human rights and equal treatment among the man and women

b/ To provide consultations, training activities, social and human help, general information beneficial for woman, mothers, man, fathers, employee/non-employeed people, people which have families responsibilities, solitary mothers or fathers

c/ To provide labor exchange consultations, trainings for new jobs, the analytical and the social surveys

d/ To organise and/or  to participate in the organisation of human, educational, cultural and social activities

e/  To provide services for the regional development and employment

f/  To provide services towards enhancement of an domestic as well as for an international   cooperation with partner`s organisations 

g/  To provide the services related to the process of the preparation  of different analysis and surveys, or to gain  different information and or fundrising from relevant domestic or international sources

h/ To provide and secure the short-term asylum services

i/ To prepare the projects and project management


Paragraph II.

Membership in the association

1.a) Member of the association can be a physical person which fulfils the following conditions:
- is fully eligible for legal transactions,
- is unimpeachable

b) Member of the Association can also  be a legal person, represented by its statutory body which must fulfil conditions  like physical person  as defined in Item 1. of Article II.

c) Member of the civic association can become a person above 18 years of age if expresses  his interest in this membership and submits a completed membership application. Membership is completed with payment of the membership fee.

d) Member of the civic association can become a person a with a foreign citizenship if expresses  its interest in this membership and submits a completed membership application. Membership is completed with payment of the membership fee and fulfilment of conditions  defined in Item 1.a) of Article II.

2.  Physical and legal persons which fulfil the conditions  of Article II/1a) and b)  shall be admitted to the association and entered in the List of  Membership in the period of one month from the day of submission their written application.

3. Proposal for aquisition of a new member to the Association is  submited to the membership meeting by the the Board of Trustees of the association.

4. Membership of the association is composed of the following categories: full, exceptional and honorary.

(a) Each full member has the right to participate in the activities and take part in all events of the civic association. He can be elected to be an official after accomplishment  the conditions  for the  relavant position. Each full member is entitled to propose and elect officials, to submit suggestions at the membership meetings..

(b) The exceptional member has the right  to participate at selected events of the civic association. He is not entitled to be elected for the official and has no right to elect or vote. In reasonable cases he is allowed to require in written the management or the memberhsip meeting for extending rights.

(c)  The Membership meeting  is authorised to take decisions on changes of the statute of the full to the exceptional member and vice versa.  It acts so upon the request of  any member of the association.

(d)  For the full member can the  applicant only be admitted at the membership meeting in his personal  attendance.

(e) To admit and applicant for an exceptional member, the approval of the management is sufficient.

(f) The person can become a honorary member upon the proposal of the management if this meets the interest of the prosperity of the association. The honorary member has no duties towards the association and the association has none obligations towards him. He is not required to pay  the membership fee. He must confirm in written the agreement  with his honorary membership in the civic association.

5. Membership in the association  can be terminated  by the Board of Trustees in the following cases:


˙        upon death  of the member  or  declaration of his death

˙        upon its loss or restriction  of standing as a legal entity

˙        through voluntary resignation

˙        if the member is validly condemned for a deliberate crime

˙        if the member is validly condemned for a deliberate crime commited while being engaged in an association´s activities

˙        for neglecting membership duties or dishonorable conduct

˙        for failure to pay required memberhsip fee for the nextcoming calendar period


Par. III
Rights and Duties of the Association Members

1. Members of the partnership have duties in their execution as follows:

  • comply with the provisions concerning with the execution of the role realized within the association
  • comply with the other provisions and further duties given to the members of the association


2. Members of the association have full right to be involved in to activities ran within the company, to vote and be voted in to association boards, to be informed about intentions and activities within the association.



Par. IV.

Association boards


Boards of the association are:

a/ member's assembly

b/ board of directors

c/ supervisory board


2. Member's assembly is the top body of the association. The rest of the bodies are elected by the member's assembly. Members of the Member's assembly must be 18 years old.


3. A mandate of the association's bodies is 3 years.


4. The role in the association is affidavit. Remuneration or a takeout of cash expenses can be declared to members for the execution of the role.


Par. V.

Association's member's assembly


1. The member's assembly is help on a regular base, ones a year; but at least ones in three years. If a majority of members of the association require, board of directors has to convoke the member's assembly in two months period. Member's assembly is convoked by a director or a deputy of the association in a way upon agreed.


2. A member of the association can authorize another member to depute him on the member's assembly. This member is considered as present.


3. The member's assembly is valid, if present delegates are having absolute majority. Lawfulness of the decision is dependent on present member's absolute majority. To change articles of association is required three-quarters of present majority.


4. Member's assembly consists (furthermore M.A.) of full members of association.


5. As a host of the M.A is a general manager or a member who is mandatory.


6. Only full delegate of association is able to vote.


7.  Management releases annual report and annual account of association's activity. On member's assembly is determined member's fee upon agreed, and officials are voted for the next term.


8. On member's assembly members are allowed to ask questions any other members of assembly, only management is required to answer.


9.  Every member of association is allowed to participate on member's assembly, but is not required to attend.


10. Non-members are allowed to participate only upon all present full-members of the association.


11. A resolution is valid upon absolute majority of present members of quorum assembly. There is no legal remedy against this resolution.


12. In case of law violation it's possible to cancel this resolution by justice.


13. To member's proposal is required member's assembly to make deliverance only if member's proposal is in written form, proposed at least one day before the M.A takes place.


14. To propose a complaint against association or its activity is able any member of the association to management. Management is required to answer the complaint only if the complaint is in written form and proposed at least one day before the M.A. takes place.


15. A minute discussion is created at every M.A stored in book of association. Two verifiers assume a responsibility for minutes accuracy. These verifiers are voted at the start of every M.A.


16. Members of preparation committee are automatically members of association after discharging article 1 a, par II.



Paragraph VI.

Board of directors



1. Board of directors consists of five members who manage activities between assemblies. Board of directors is voted by on the member's assembly. Only full members of the association can be voted for board of directors.


2. Board of directors has absolute majority only if all members of the board are present. For validity of the resolution is needed absolute majority of all members of the board. In case of equality of votes general director has decisive vote.


Board of directors:


˙        call for association member's assembly

˙        runs member's list

˙        holds assets in trust for the association

˙        informs members about association's activity

˙        controls and promotes intentions of members

˙        runs other activities if not a part of another board of the association.


3. General Director and his deputy is voted and dismissed by the board of directors. General Director is in charge of the association. General Director executes immediate decisions between assemblies and manages activities between assemblies. The deputy of the General Director is delegated to be in charge of in General Director's absence.


4. Board of Director's assembly is held at least three times a year. These assemblies are called for by the general director if not stated different in the internal process.



Paragraph VII.

Supervisory Board


1. Supervisory Board consists of three members who are voted by members' assembly's delegates.

2. Supervisory Board:


˙        Monitors members' assembly's resolutions and monitors activities of Board of Directors. For these purposes Supervisory Board has access to all association's documentation.

˙        Monitors proper activities execution within the association

˙        Monitors financial management of the association

˙        Votes for chairman, who is in charge of Supervisory Board

˙        In case of finding important facts about association, Supervisory Board is able to ask Board of Directors to call for members' assembly.


If Board of Directors does not call for members' assembly one month from requesting in written form delivered to Board of Directors (to Director or his deputy), Supervisory Board is able to call for members' assembly one month after the request was delivered to Board of Directors.



Paragraph VIII.

Organizational structures


1. Association is able to establish organizational structure, on which behalf a chairman will be executive person. Organizational structure must have in its name the name of association with emphasis on fact that it is an organizational structure of the association.


2. To establish the structure and the chairman is under management of Board of Directors.



Paragraph IX.

Financial Management


1. Association's assets are:

˙        member's contributions

˙        state administration's donations

˙        sponsor's contributions

˙        tangible assets of the associations

˙        resources from association's activities within association's policies and goals

˙        grants and financial contributions

˙        financial execution of activities mentioned hereinbefore aim of the associations establishment

˙        fund-raising campaigns


2.  Board of Directors is responsible for financial management and accounting of the association.



Paragraph X.

Association's Termination


1.      Association terminates:


a/ when voluntary terminated or by merging with another association, whereas members assembly decides about merging or termination by three-quarters majority of votes.


b/ by valid resolution of Department of Home Affairs.


2.      When association is terminated financial liquidation takes place. Financial liquidation is executed by person who was established by Board of Directors. Only member of association can become a liquidator.


3.   Elections details are in electoral regulations.


Paragraph XI.

Closing stipulates

1.Details related to the organization of the associations will contain an inner regulation.

2.Details on elections will regulate an electoral regulation.



Paragraph XII

Temporary arrangement


1.      Members of preparation committee are automatically members of association at the day of registration. Members are required:

˙        To make an announcement about association establishment together with conditions to become a member of association,

˙        To call for a members assembly in three months from association registration.


2.      Members of preparation committee are members of Board of directors until the first members' assembly. Their term of office terminates at the time of members' assembly is held.



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